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This tumblr is about Granado Espada.
I'm known as Kaamelott,Rembrandt server.

HOLY SHIT.It’s been forever since I last won something by myself in Lyndon Boxes!

I waited to see loads of purple announcements,and since there was still no Cutie Claire won,I decided to try my luck.I recharged once 26k,with only Rascel’s headwears.Toped up once more 12k only,and got Cutie Claire with 8 Lyndon Boxes left for Mireille.

It was about time something went in the right direction for me on this server.

Also,I love how she winks with both eyes.xD

Ok.Ok.Fine.Not gonna bother ever again.
This is probably my ultimate call for help lost in the sinking Titanic that sGE is.
I really don’t wanna give up on that game,but bugs,negative feedbacks,expensive CS,bad rates for any gamble games they have and nothing being done about it only makes me wanna have my account transfered to GEo.


Trying to avoid it, Lionel causes the future


Alias Conrad Coldwood - Pepper Steak


Why am I always listening to this song when I’m CLEANING?


"Quite expensive if you want my opinion."

Okay, but can we talk about the descriptions (set as captions on each picture, though this bottom quote is on all of them) Mortis Ghost wrote for these? Because they’re glorious.

On a side note,15 green tickets in a row.lol
And yeah right,debuffs only of course.


Thanks faction…xD

Also I can’t top up.lolIt’s been like this all day.
"No more milking,we have too much money on our hands" probably.xD
Wait,what the fuck???
So,I updated my first post in my market thread,and then I wanted to post something new so my thread would appear on the first page,but THIS happened instead???I didn’t even know Granado Espada existed back in 2006!
So yeah,I thought something was suspicious with all the forums only showing “2006” posts,but this…?We can’t even use the forums properly!Everytime I’m going to post something,it’s gonna be the new first post of the thread and it will never be bumped onto the first page of the forums!
This is why the freaking forums are forsaken,I get it now! >_<

I’m pretty sure this has already been said,but one of the last two LB girls to be revealed is definitely grown-up Rachel on the left .Her weapons are obvious.xD

As for the other one,my guess would go with a grown-up Kano.

I really hope they’re gonna do a whole round with boys after this.I wanna see a grown up Viki.Even Ramiro and Tiburon can be interesting if they grow older.xD And I wanna see a pretty boy with Innocentio too!I really like Valeria but I want an only male team.xD AND WHAT ABOUT MONTORO AS AN ADULT. *___*