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This tumblr is about Granado Espada.
I'm known as Kaamelott,Rembrandt server.

I’m pretty sure this has already been said,but one of the last two LB girls to be revealed is definitely grown-up Rachel on the left .Her weapons are obvious.xD

As for the other one,my guess would go with a grown-up Kano.

I really hope they’re gonna do a whole round with boys after this.I wanna see a grown up Viki.Even Ramiro and Tiburon can be interesting if they grow older.xD And I wanna see a pretty boy with Innocentio too!I really like Valeria but I want an only male team.xD AND WHAT ABOUT MONTORO AS AN ADULT. *___*

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So wait,is it like snow outside?Or is there no ground yet and trees are just floating in mid-air?xD

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When I saw the teaser site I had to make this gif ^_^”full credits and source goes to ge.hanbiton.com


When I saw the teaser site I had to make this gif ^_^”

full credits and source goes to ge.hanbiton.com

Pewds, Cry, and Ken ver. - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Art here
Video here
Original song here

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How come 1/3 of Rembrandt wants to keep the pk-mode???

I’m so rage-quiting the game if that stupid mode stays,I haven’t loged in for a while now,and that’s the reason why.

If I liked PK,I would be on Bach already,that’s fucking stupid IAH.

Totally worth it.xD

Here for the people asking the pet buffs!
It also picks up items.I don’t know about his food consumption though.

Also,I named it “Goagoal” because in French,it sounds close to “Gogole” which is a really mean way to tell someone that he’s stupid and stupid-looking.xD

Greetings Pioneers,

In light of this Football season, we had enabled the PK mode in Rembrandt Server for a period of time! 
Enjoy the thrill of “Player Kill” while you can!

Made me laugh so much I spilled my cereals and milk everywhere.

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