Dragonic Kaamelott

This tumblr is about Granado Espada.
I'm known as Kaamelott,Rembrandt server.

I wasted 500M in chips for this broom but no luck at all.Then I bought discounted ones from someone,and I asked him not to go away since I’d probably end up with shitty stats.He then told me “Don’t worry,these are lucky chips”.
And tadan~!UD,my favorite stats! :D
I’m keeping my last “lucky chips” for myself now,for another free 33AR weapon that the game is gonna give me,because yes,I don’t like owning a really good free weapon without any good stats on them.xD
Now,to Sierra’s training ground!

…Just kill yourself.

It’s even worse than dying 50 times in front of the Royal Honeycomb and watch the same dialogues over and over again.

Why do I have the Christmas BGM stuck in the barracks?xD

Oh!I finally won something on their FB events! ><

"Characters’ buffs that effect of duration decrease have been since the effect hasn’t been applied."

Anyone to translate this into proper english?xD

Ludin and the bird - Granado Espada by SweetMilk-Kaamelott

When I draw,I love how I put some efforts in the face of my characters,but when it comes to clothes,arms and the body as a whole I just don’t give a shit.xD

Princess Valeria with casual clothes - GE by SweetMilk-Kaamelott

Finally got my new pet since they got restocked in HCOF!It was worth spamming all their posts on FB for it.xD

Also,I had one Gold Token left in HCOF.I played 12 times and got another Gold Token.So I used them both for the Black Dragon and I +6 my SD pistol with the other gp left.I bought a HPS with the other tokens.What a good day for once.xD

Right now,I can’t send anything to the Support team.

Everytime I click submit,the page reloads,there’s no error message but nothing changed,my report is still here and filled up.So I thought they would listen better to their customers on FB,but they’re ignoring us and if we want to complain about something to the support,we can’t do anything at all?!

Damn,I just want to get a Black Dragon pet through HCOF and I couldn’t before because my f*cking tickets were missing!Long before the tickets were back,all the special pets were sold!

This is definitely the most unfair thing that happened to me on sGE and the 1.5b to buy a black dragon pet on the server is only feeding my rage!

I’m really tired of them not giving a shit about their customers,because YES,I’m willing to give them my money,so be f*ucking pleased about it and restock the goddamn PETS!